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for Distributors and Agents

Create a new revenue recommending Experiences, Tours & Activities! 

Partner with us and offer your customers confirmed online reservations at thousands of unique Experiences around the world. 

We give you access to 4 digital services and 2 physical products. 

Join now and start maximising your profit – new revenue guaranteed!

Who is already working with us?

We already power hundreds of whitelabel solutions and APIs...

Who can work with us?

Any business who has access to an audience of travellers can recommend Tours & Activities to maximise its profit.

Hotels are obvious partners for us as they know their customers and want to improve their stay experience by recommending Things to do around.


API - Whitelabel - KiosK

Airlines are key partners to Leezair as they know where travellers go and when. We travel to experience the world and leezair can serve Tours & Activities.


API - Whitelabel

Travel apps are often looking for partners and APIs to integrate. By creating a new ecosystem, Leezair allow them to monetise what they have built.

Travel apps

API - Deep links

Say bye-bye to static wall of brochures and welcome Leezair KiosK. Travellers can discover their destinations through our tablets and you get paid.

Visitor Centres

KiosK - Whitelabel

Travel agents can struggle retaining customers once at the destination. Thanks to our whitelabel mobile solutions they can stay in touch and maximise profit.

Travel Agents

Whitelabel - KiosK

Travel bloggers are often looking to be affiliates of key travel distributors. We allow them to leverage their audience and create a new revenue stream.

Travel bloggers

Deep Links - Widgets

Cruise companies are recommending Tours & Activities to their customers when they visit destinations. We can make it digital and create a new revenue stream.


API - Whitelabel - Widgets

Car rentals know a little bit about their customers and we can give them the opportunity to learn about their journey and what they do on the go. 

Car rentals

API - Whitelabel - Widgets

Backpackers are always looking for fun tours and activities. Deals are key for this audience and we make sure to recommend the best activities at the best price. 


KiosK - Whitelabel - Widgets

Say bye-bye to brochures...

here comes Leezair Kiosk™

White label

White labelling allows you to customise the look and feel of the Leezair interface. Some people refer to this as "co-branding", "private branding" or "custom skins".

Map widgets

Allow your customers to visualise unique experiences, tours and activities around them, around their hotel, in a country, city, region, etc.

Search Widget

Allow your customers to directly search for unique experiences, tours and activities, by destination, category, experience or provider.

Partner APIs

Access Data feeds, check availabilities and process bookings via API. 

Learn more

Dynamic banners with live recommendations

Marketing Pilots




Push notifications

In order to experiment the partnership, we can test the opportunity through marketing pilots using Deep links or Widgets.

Free access to all our B2B services for distributor partners including APIs and Whitelabel solutions with access to thousands experiences in 182 countries.

Tier 1


You can maximise your profit by paying a monthly fee and get paid half the full commission in Tier 2. It's in average $14 per booking for you.

Tier 2


You can maximise your profit by paying a monthly fee and get paid the full commission in Tier 3.

Tier 3


Simple & Transparent

Our 3 Commercial Models for Distributor Partners (Revenue Share and/or SaaS)

35% commission

(from net revenue)

50% commission

(from net revenue)

100% commission*

(from net revenue)

This plan is recommended for small and medium size travel businesses expecting up to 500 bookings a month.

This plan is recommended for medium size travel businesses (eg. hotels with less than 100 rooms) expecting between 500 and 1000 bookings per month. Price is in AUD$.

This plan is recommended for large travel businesses such as airlines or hotel groups (eg. hotels with hundreds rooms) expecting more than 1000 bookings per month.

*Can include a  fee for some credit cards payments

**Calculation based on volume/traffic and revenue

It includes:

  • No setup or installation fee
  • Scalable solution for small business
  • Unlimited users, bookings and content
  • Perfect to experiment the opportunity
  • AI chatbot for basic Customer service

+ Hybrid Customer service with both AI bots & Agents (Access to dedicated interface)

+ All Customer details and journey

+ Booking management capabilities

+ Free support and training

+ Access to Kiosk for lobbies or centres

Facebook Messenger Bot

+ Dedicated support and training

+ Dedicated account manager and engineer

+ Request new feature(s)

+ Full AI Assistant with integrations to Google Home & Amazon Alexa (book by voice)

+ Access to VR Contents & new innovations

$1,199 per month

with Setup fee of $5,000

2% of GMV from $25,000 per month**

with Setup fee of $50,000

Say bye-bye to brochures...

here comes LeezairVR™


Join now & start monetising your traffic

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